Branch manager

Declan Martin Gill


About Martin Declan Gill

Registered Professional Engineer in Texas & Louisiana
MBA, Finance

Martin Declan Gill., has more than twenty-six years of experience in domestic oil/gas exploration and production operations, management, and petroleum engineering consulting. He was involved in the initial formation of six oil/gas firms, including an internationally recognized engineering consulting firm, all of which were successful and four of which are still in operation.

Martin has extensive management experience in production, drilling, and reservoir engineering, with total P/L responsibility for an independent oil/gas producer operating in the major domestic onshore basins and in coastal GOM waters. He served as shareholder, director, and chief operating officer for privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company through June 1999. He is currently Partner and Chief Operating Officer for two privately owned independent oil and gas producers. He also has technical knowledge and experience in new oil and gas industry technologies such as 3D seismic, horizontal drilling, and systems applications.

Following is a detailed resume, listing education, experience and. Reference’s Declan is a senior engineer with Eastern Research Group in Austin, Texas.


Professional Skills

Construction 92%
Infrastructure 89%
Management 88%
Finance 87%