Contract engineer

Arthur Richard


Arthur Richard is a representative of two ‘not for profit’ organizations, is involved in the industry design committee work and the recipient of a number of industry awards:

1. International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), US Subsidiary is AWPT
• Member – Supreme Council
• Chairman – North American Council
• Chairman – International Mast Climber Council
2. Scaffold Industry Association (now the Scaffold and Access Industry Association)
• Member – Board of Directors
• Chairman – MCWP Committee
3. Additional Committee/Board Memberships:
• Member – ANSI A92 Main Committee
• Member – ANSI A92.9 Design Committee MCWP’s
• Member – ANSI A92.10 Design Committee, Transport Platforms
• Member – Georgia State Elevator Board
4. OSHA Alliance
• OSHA/SIA Alliance Implementation Team Member
Industry Awards:
• International Awards for Powered Access – International Safety Champion 2009
• SIA Council Chairperson of the Year 2009
• International Awards for Powered Access – International Safety Champion 2010
• Recipient of the 2010 SIA ‘Coupling Pin’ Award 2010
• International Awards for Powered Access – International Instructor of the Year 2011
He has driven initiatives for increased safety in the powered access industry in the US for the last 9 years, and has been in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic for almost 30 years.

He was a graduate apprentice in the early eighties through the Amalgamated Engineering Unions 4-year apprentice craftsman course while employed by Caterpillar Tractor Co.

Professional Skills

Construction 90%
Infrastructure 88%
Management 87%
Finances 92%